You might be a triathlete if...

When I go to races or hang around other triathletes, I see or hear a common theme.  Some are quite funny while others are quite bizarre.  I can only imagine how we are viewed through the lens of the average person in public.  There just may be a stereotype of triathletes that I can’t help but think about Jeff Foxworthy’s “You might be a Redneck…” line when I’m with my triathlete friends. 

Here are some of our quirky ways, thoughts, and actions I’ve either experienced myself or simply observed among my fellow triathletes…

You might be a triathlete if…”

If you look for destination races that would make a good vacation get away, makes it a two for one deal…you just might be a triathlete.

If your hotel stay includes a full/hot continental breakfast bar but you show up at the breakfast area (especially on race morning) with your special bagel, almond butter, banana, a baggy of granola bits and yogurt and simply hit the bar just for coffee…you might be a triathlete.

On race morning, you’re checking out all the racks of bikes rather than checking out other triathlete’s bodies (or maybe you do both), then you just might be a triathlete.

If you’re checking out the calves on those that pass you during the race just to see if they’re in your age group…you might be a triathlete.

We have acronyms or our own language that’s not in the dictionary for the “average” public (including our parents) to understand such as:
IM or 140.6 – Ironman
HIM or 70.3 – Half-ironman
AG – Age Group
Brick – Run immediately off the bike
Split time – an athlete’s time at certain points (mileage such as ¼, ½, or ¾ of the leg)
Tri (not Try) – abbreviation for Triathlon
PR – personal record/best
DNF – Did not finish

Your family thinks you’re a bit on the crazy side, some may even think you will shorten your life span because you workout too much...

If somebody asks to see your ID and you show them your RoadID…

If you live in a condo or apartment your guest bedroom or dining room is the “gym” or your garage…

We eat…A LOT so they always wonder where all our food goes…well it goes in our mouth and out with every stroke, stride, and pedal.

If you get hyped about getting off work early not to get ready for a trip or to go home and nap but instead to squeeze in one more workout before you leave or sleep…you might be a triathlete.

When it comes to self-care…haircuts are forgotten and dressing “normal’ or rather cute/handsome is rarely an option except on weekends we like to go out and celebrate our new achievements for the day or we simply skip getting showered and eat out immediately after our long rides.  We could be your BBQ connoisseurs.

You’re so deprived from shopping you forget how to get around the mall or even how to shop – brain overload…you might be a triathlete.  In fact, shopping sprees are spent in stores that consist of bike shops, tri gear, running shoes, nutrition, and compression wear. 

Instead of spending $$$ on a cute pair of shoes or fashion statement piece, you stock up on nutrition-like products such as Stinger Chews, PowerBars or the like for your workouts or simply to eat as a snack on the way to workout after you clock off the job.

If you don’t typically drink sodas, beer, or pickle juice but it becomes your craving after a long, HOT ride or run…you might be a triathlete.

You learn not to go to a ballgame or sporting event after a 2-3 hour workout because you break the bank from ballpark food.

If your date night consists of spontaneously eating out on a patio at a restaurant after your training at the park in your sweaty workout clothes and your significant other or friends look rather normal or “dressed” up…you might be a triathlete.

If you get home to freshen up and eat dinner and you crash by 9p…you might be a triathlete.

While traveling or simply driving around, you spot a beautiful landscape or backdrop and just think how cool it would be to bike, swim, or run there.

If you’re already looking up your next adventure after your “A” race or even during training, …you might be a triathlete. Your adventures are endless and you will forever chase your goals…

Quote of the day:  I hated every minute of training but said, 'Don't quit. Suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion.  ~ Muhammad Ali

As time gets closer to the BIG day...long hours of training becomes more challenging and all we think about is getting this [Ironman] day started.  

Bible verse of the day:  “Give your burdens to the Lord, and he will take care of you.  He will not permit the godly to slip and fall.”  ~ Psalm 55:22


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