Count your blessings

It was a mid-November, Thursday morning, my husband and I were able to sleep in on a random day we were both off to enjoy the fluffy, white snowflakes gracefully floating all around creating a white out blanket. These are the mornings we love and soak in every minute of snuggling with our fur baby who likes to leap up into our bed around 6AM every morning (aka, our wakeup call). We don’t take for granted these rare mornings of peace and quiet. All I could think about was, what a great opportunity for the best Christmas card with the huge white flakes floating down all around in front of our new home! I’m not one who likes to be lazy for too long for I easily get FOMO (fear of missing out) or I feel like I’m wasting precious time.
My husband got ready in his ski attire and got the camera all set up on what we later found out, a wonky tripod. Our photo session was delayed due to the pure entertainment of our four-legged boy prancing around, face planting in the snow and collecting sno…

Where’s that next stepping stone?

While I was pedaling on my bike through a workout one evening on our back porch, I had an epiphany as I was admiring the beauty of Spring. It was a piggy back thought to a draft of this post that I’d written weeks ago, so perhaps it was a God-spoken lesson for me. Frustration grows as we patiently wait for our landscaping crew to come finish their job including the stepping stones that would keep your feet off the muddy path. It’s been a month since they started and left the job incomplete. But, as I was pedaling, I couldn’t see the muddy path but rather my eyes were focused on the Rhododendron that bloomed under our old Japanese Maple tree. There is history here on our property and it’s obviously glowing and bringing life in our backyard. The bright pink Rhododendron and sprawling Japanese Maple were planted 40+ years ago and still showing signs of life even after a couple of beatings during construction. In fact, we had the Japanese Maple repaired recently. It was cracked at the tr…