Try new things, re-spark motivation

What is so fascinating about humans is that we are constantly coming up with new, better ideas.  Take technology for example, the touch screen monitors or apps on phones that supposedly makes life efficient and easier.  It seems that new fitness ideas are changing every day as well.  Some may be trying the new diets – paleo or gluten-free.  There are also new exercise methods – Crossfit, Bar Method, spinning that may give us tone. You could just skip the hard work and go straight for new beauty products – Clarisonic, anti-aging creams, Botox that may clear our skin or reduce wrinkles?  Perhaps we are curious or simply want to test the effectiveness on ourselves.   In fact, trying out new things adds change and possibly gives us the extra drive for motivation or energy. 

I think most of us can admit that swimming, biking, and running 3 times a week for each sport, can lead to burnouts.  I mean, how do we do this for 9 months?  There are so many training schedules that can overwhelm us.  However, we can modify almost anything that we’re training or working towards based on our personal goals and needs.  We need energy so we need sleep and injury-free bodies to push through 140.6 miles (or any type of endurance sport).   One thing triathletes lack in training time is strengthening and stretching.  Both are important for building muscular endurance and minimizing injuries.  After my knee inflammation and hip irritation last summer, I faced the consequences of neglecting strengthening and stretching.  My joints are in constant forward motion adding the same stress to ligaments and muscles supporting that joint: running strides and pedaling in circles.  Therefore, anything new such as squats, lunges, hiking, trail running can add variety to the body movements and strengthen the weak muscles such as glutes and hip flexors that can contribute to flare ups. 

One new thing I tried over the winter off-season was Yoga.  I was not surprised at how tight I was and needed the extra stretching to strengthen my core and flexibility.  My husband even joined in with me on a 12-week core challenge (which is important for stability in running).  Just after a few weeks we could feel the changes.  My husband even said he noticed he felt stronger at work when he moved some heavy boxes.  I noticed a difference in my running form. 

Last weekend during a bachelorette get-away in Chicago, I tried a new exercise class called Bar Method.  It was incredible and I realized it integrates strengthening and stretching all in one workout session.  Although, I wouldn’t say that it would replace other things like Yoga.   But for a triathlete with little time to add to the workout schedule, what a great way to incorporate core, upper/lower body strengthening and some stretching! 

Keep in mind…always check with your physician before trying any new physical activity.  Secondly, this is fairly new so I was unable to find any evidence to link Bar Method and improvements in performance.  However, there are reviews you can read to get a better understanding on whether or not this is something for you.

What is: Bar Method

If you’re ever tired or unmotivated to keep pushing toward your goals…maybe you need a change, so try something new.  Keep an eye out on Groupons for fitness classes or sessions.  It’s one way of trying things out before investing in a package and most places have a special for newbies.  Here are some cool things to check out around your area:

-       Bar Method
-       Crossfit
-       Dance classes
-       Kickboxing
-       Rock climbing
-       Spinning
-       Yoga

Quote of the day: Ability is what you’re capable of doing.  Motivation determines what you do.  Attitude determines how well you do it.  ~ Lou Holtz

Bible verse of the day:  “Take delight in the Lord and he will give you the desires of your heart.”  ~ Psalm 37:4


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