Evil shall NOT win the race...

It’s supposed to be a day of joy and triumph.  For some, the sight of finishing a worldly, renowned qualifying marathon was a dream within reach.  But, the feeling and emotion of accomplishing a life-long goal was halted or interrupted at the blink of an eye.  I couldn’t imagine these emotions flowing through the many athletes and runners of the Boston Marathon nor could I imagine the other side.  Family/friends on the sidelines roaring in excitement as they were witnessing their loved ones approaching when suddenly their souls are startled by a violent noise with thick, powdered dust impairing their vision of witnessing the joy of their loved one crossing the finish.  As you know, qualifying takes months and sometimes years of training for the line up.  However, evil showed up at the right time and place for hundreds of those affected by the tragic blast.

To be honest, this will not stop us from achieving our goals and following our dreams.  It would not surprise me if races around the country spike in the number of participants.  The reality is, most of us are not in it to win.  There are only so many qualifying spots and podium finishers.  We simply train hard just to get our minds and bodies across the finish line.  Some simply enjoy the peace and freedom running provides away from stress, work life, or maybe it’s their “me” time.  For some, it’s about changing their lifestyles to be stronger and live longer.  Race organizations and volunteers dedicate and sacrifice a lot of time to keep participants safe so they can follow their dreams.  In addition, this is where people invest their time and money in charitable organizations and causes.  The year I ran the St. Jude Half Marathon, the race alone raised $1.6 million dollars to cover the costs of the non-profit research hospital for children with cancer and rare diseases.  That is shy of their daily operating costs at $1.8 million (no child is turned a way for their inability to pay).

More than 500 people participated in the Boston Unity Run in St. Louis
on April 20 and raised more than $3,500 for Boston!
We WILL rise above the occasion…the chaos, evil and fear.  I’m not in it [racing] to win, but conquer all things!  In fact, I wouldn’t want anyone hurt or angry if something happened to me while doing what I love.  I’m glorifying Him in all that I do.  I have Christ in my life so worry about those who do not know their Savior.  If you have a passion, don’t just chase your dreams because there will be obstacles which can easily tempt you to give up hope.  So, CONQUER whatever “it” is…whether “it” is to climb hellacious hills (by bike or foot) that look like a beast, finish your very first race, accomplish your first open water swim, or simply overcome the fear of trying something new.  When you do conquer, the feeling will leave you with so much strength and confidence to fight through more obstacles. 

This is what it feels like when you conquer…what appears so small but yet, leaves you feeling like you’ve accomplished something so big: 

Quote of the day: For a man to conquer himself is the first and noblest of all victories.  ~ Plato

Bible verse of the day:  “I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace.  In this world you will have trouble.  But take heart!  I have overcome the world.”  ~ John 16:33


  1. Always enjoy your inspiring writing, Tiffany!

    D. Miller


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