The most inspiring story...

The title, “Inspired by the Impossible,” may have some wondering how I came up with that or some may have thought about the significance behind the name.  I find it ironic…especially on this beautiful Resurrection or as viewed by the world, Easter Day.

A beautiful cross made by my daddy,
from an old dogwood tree on my grandparents' farm -
symbolizing Christ at the center of our marriage. 
Around November, I was brainstorming ways to keep myself motivated for the upcoming Ironman event.  Two ideas instantly popped in my head.  One, this would give me a chance to write a blog and share my experience and two I can turn my participation into a charity cause.  It took a couple months to define my title after speaking with family and friends.  I knew I wanted something inspiring so one Sunday morning I thought, “Inspired by the impossible” to represent not only my personality but I wanted it to be something for everyone that may think some things are impossible.  However, I wanted significant meaning behind it as well, spiritually.  My husband said, “well, Jesus rose from the dead…that’s impossible.” I immediately got excited and text family and friends about the title and it was sold!

Do NOT be afraid
So, how does this relate to training?  Easy peasy, everyone has fears from small to grand, right?  A few of mine are tornadoes (I grew up in tornado valley), snakes (I claimed that a snake chased me when I was little), flying (too many horror stories), and there’s just something about spiders that make my spine curl.  Since I started road biking last summer, I would have jitters before every ride.  Everything paranoid me from gravel to debris in the roads, downhills, and potholes.  Plus, I had a wipeout on the way to school last spring prior to a morning class and fell over twice during rides because I couldn’t clip out fast enough – OUCH!  That was enough to create the paranoia.  Then, I had to grow some confidence and just trust that God is there.  When I go downhill, I gradually released tension and experience the freedom. Yesterday was my first day outside biking this season…my confidence was strong and I believed in myself…except when it started raining!

Trust HIM
My fears from training stem mostly from biking.   Yesterday, I felt so much more confident and proud of myself, especially tackling down steep hills in the rain. The first 20 miles out was amazing and I experienced the motivation and power I needed to get through my first Ironman. I realized I had to trust my GOD and that He was with us.  On our way back it started to rain and I began to get nervous. I prayed until we reached our beginning point.  God told us several times in the Bible, “Do NOT be afraid.”  It’s VERY hard to trust and have faith in God, but it makes all things possible when you do.  There were 20 of us riding and we had some great guidance with mentoring downhill slopes and wet pavements (risk of a wipeout increases on wet roads especially on turns and downhills).  I couldn’t be more blessed to have joined an amazing club who truly want people to have a good experience with sports we love.  We only had 2 flats and God was certainly watching over us…that was evident. 

The additional challenge was the drop in temperature.  It was cold, windy, and rainy causing me to grip with white knuckles and numbing my distal limbs (feet, hands, and wrist).  Our fingers and feet were so frozen that when we got back, we barely had fine motor movement to use our keys, fasten our bikes on the racks and take off our shoes.  As we were riding, you could hear the rain pellets bouncing off your helmet and prick your face, almost felt like it was sleeting.  What we endured was nothing compared to what Christ endured on the cross.  It may be hard for us to believe what happened over 2000 years ago.  Jesus cried out in pain and agony…he suffered for out sins with thorns protruding in his scalp, nails pierced through his hands and feet. His body pulled him down while hanging on the cross causing him to suffocate.  What we endure as athletes does not even come close to the pain and suffering Jesus had while lying on the cross.  However, it can serve to motivate us to work through challenges throughout training and life.

His Inspiring Story
Inspiring stories have a feel-good, happy, change-the-world feeling.  For instance, when I see people of all ages, all body types, and abilities cross any finish line, it gives me goose bumps and creates a hype and excitement for me to try the same.  Whether you believe in Jesus or that He rose from the dead or not, or simply need the evidence…His story is an everlasting, inspiring one.  I know Jesus died, was risen and will someday come back again, and that’s enough for me to trust Him to guide my life.  It gives me hope and belief in miracles and the impossible.  He heals our pain, anxiety, and grief.  I carry this with me throughout each day of my training.

And that…is the meaning behind my title, sharing that life is full of possibilities with the world.

The Traditional Easter gifts...

My husband and I are like kids, we love the little surprises...
my basket included the Anniversary version of the Peeps! 
And I love that my mom still mails us treats just
like she did when I was in college
Quote of the day:  Endurance is not just the ability to bear a hard thing, but to turn it into glory.  ~ William Barclay

Bible verse of the day:  “Then Jesus said, ‘Do not be afraid’…” ~ Matthew 28:10


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