My little inspiration

Saturday mornings with no plan will make you want to be lazy, roll around in bed with a mind racing about of all the things you COULD do. It doesn’t really help with taking advantage of sleeping in.  I chose to jump out of bed (literally, because rolling out of bed does not snap you out of that lazy feeling), fluff the down comforter and get dressed, prepped for this HOT and sweaty run. The humidity was already at 75% even though it was 8a! Since the sun was still trying to rise above the gray clouds heading east, I got pretty lucky to have quite a bit of overcast.

In case you haven’t noticed, I love being outside. It’s my little Heaven, my time to be free of everything especially when I combine it with a good workout…releases so many endorphins and feels so good! Almost always, this time involves prayer, reflecting on my blessings, and often finding sprinkles of inspirations. Little did I know when I chose to get up early to run this morning, I would see my little inspiration.

On my way out to the park, I often run by so many people – parents with jogging strollers and/or dogs, elderly people walking, talking, and laughing, adults and children of all races, genders, and ages biking. I usually try to at least say “good morning.” Some people are happy and respond and the ones that look like they’re focused, I completely understand and do the nod. Then I ran by a little black girl possibly around 4 years of age, who also chose to be outside today.

I suppose it was her mom I ran by earlier saying my usual “good morning,” this time I ran right by her little girl on my way back in and said, “you go girl!” She responded, “look at me, I ride my bike” (aka her tricycle). I yelled back, “you’re looking great!” She made my day, made me smile, and made me think…deep.

In a world of so much hate and chaos, it’s hard to enjoy life without fear.  It’s hard to think about our children growing up in a war zone. But, when I see these children, they aren’t aware of fear yet, they don’t worry, and hopefully they’re blinded by hatred. Therefore, we protect them from our own fear, we protect them from negative (hate) exposure. This happy little girl on her tricycle, made a decision today to be outside and enjoy life, be happy, be healthy, and spend time with her momma (or someone she looks up to). How hard is it to teach our children through our actions to be kind, love one another, share words of encouragement? This world could be transformed by starting the positive change early in our children. It’s too hard to change adults and even teens who are at times irrational and make too quick of decisions or speak to quickly. Why do we need to share hate and try to rob others from their blessings and joy? How does it help our country, the world, or our society when we fight, kill, and play the blame game?  Some things like race, gender, age and even our state of health are things we can’t possibly control or can change? God made each of us special and loves each of us obviously because we were created in His image. Starting with words of encouragement, kindness, and love can go a LONG way. I know and understand other factors such as mental health (a serious illness that’s often ignored and only growing due to so much trauma in this world), politics (ugh, politics, so nasty), and outside influences impact our society. The children will be the change in the world and they need positive influences. They need faith, strength, hope, and courage. Love casts out fear and trumps hate.

Little black girl, I pray for you. I pray that your contagious energy and smile gives you strength in life, to change the world with simple words of encouragement. I pray you feel God’s love and journey through your milestones with grace and faith. Go share the richness of your joy with your friends as you enter the education system. Show the world how to choose to be joyful, respectful, love one another, and make God proud. Show them how strong you are in faith and may you hear God speak to you as He provides you each stepping stone on your journey called life.

A day of celebration for hundreds who decided to follow Jesus
and join the beautiful Kingdom of Heaven someday. Lives
that once were lost but now have found hope and so much more!
Quote of the day: To be a Christian without prayer is no more possible than to be alive without breathing. ~ Martin Luther King, JR.

Bible verse of the day: We have this hope as an anchor for the soul, firm and secure. ~ Hebrews 6:19


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