Happy 2013 and here I go! The 9-month journey began mid-December and I have to admit, I often ask myself, “How did this get on my list?” Am I really ready to face 140.6 miles after I said I would NEVER run a marathon nor did I ever have the desire to do an ironman? Was it the inspirational stories, the contagious vibe of witnessing others around me including my cousin crossing the finish line, the challenge of doing something nut-so crazy, my husband’s enthusiasm of telling me, “You can do it, baby!” or the good timing in my life. It certainly wasn’t a new year’s resolution, I don’t even believe in those. Early last year, my goal for 2013 was to finish a half-ironman…not the BIG one! Well, I accomplished my goal a little early and finished the half in Oklahoma City in September 2012…by accident (literally). Now that’s a race I will NEVER forget and can re-live every minute of that day despite the sizzling heat!

I’ve accepted the honest comments of family and friends who think I’m a bit on the wacky side, but is that surprising?!  Everyone knows that what may seem impossible, are only possibilities in my eyes.  Obstacles do not steer me away. Instead, it feeds my drive and motivation. Positive attitudes, faith, endurance, strength, support and motivation are a few of the gears in my survival kit needed to finish steady and strong. I CAN do this! The thought of impossible has NEVER stopped me before, so why stop now?

Back to the Ironman, now exactly how did August 25, 2013 get on my calendar?!

To be continued…

Quote of the day: What keeps me going is goals. ~Muhammad Ali

Bible verse of the day (my favorite I’ve carried each day since high school): I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me!” ~Philippians 4:13


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